vendredi 9 mai 2014

Exemple : Jersey posting multipart data

The intent is to upload a file using REST api and we need pass meta attributes in addition to uploading the file. Also the intent is to stream the file instead of first storing it on the local disk. Here is some sample code. 

public class UploadService {
 protected HttpServletResponse response;
 protected HttpServletRequest request;

 public String uploadFile(@PathParam("fileName") final String fileName,
   @FormDataParam("workgroupId") String workgroupId,
   @FormDataParam("userId") final int userId,
   @FormDataParam("content") final InputStream content) throws JSONException {
  //.......Upload the file to S3 or netapp or any storage service

Now to test this service I used Jersey client api and it was easy to test this.

public class UploadServiceTest  extends JerseyTest {
 public UploadServiceTest() {
   super(new WebAppDescriptor.Builder(UploadService.class
    protected TestContainerFactory getTestContainerFactory() {
        return new GrizzlyWebTestContainerFactory();
 public void testUploadService() throws Exception {
  WebResource webResource = resource();

  FormDataMultiPart form = new FormDataMultiPart();
  form.field("fileName", "/Shared/marketing/scrap.txt");
  form.field("workgroupId", "XXX");
  form.field("userId", 1001);
  String content = "This is a binary content";

  FormDataBodyPart fdp = new FormDataBodyPart("content",
    new ByteArrayInputStream(content.getBytes()),

  String responseJson = webResource.path(
    .post(String.class, form);

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