jeudi 2 juillet 2015

Install MangoDB on UBUNTU

Tutorial to install MongoDB on LTS Ubuntu Linux systems from .deb packages. While Ubuntu includes its own MongoDB packages, the official MongoDB packages are generally more up-to-date.
Platform Support
MongoDB only provides packages for 64-bit long-term support Ubuntu releases. Currently, this means 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) and 14.04 LTS (Trusty Tahr). While the packages may work with other Ubuntu releases, this is not a supported configuration.

mardi 16 juin 2015

NoSQL NoJPA just jaxb, xpath, xslt

In some cases the usage of a Data base is over the needs. Sometimes a persitence on disk as (key, value)  concept is suffisant. The key is the path on disk and the value is the file result of marshaling the object.

Let take a simple CRUD example and show how to make the job done.

dimanche 17 mai 2015

Liste mise à jour des projets libres dans le cadre de l'enseignement au Cnam Liban

Projets GitHub publique (Java et Linux)

  • nsy107 Exemple programmation répartis en Java 
  • smb215-15 ToT (Track of Things) Le projet des auditeurs SMB215 en 2015
  • rsx20x  Support et exemples pour le cours RSX20x Canam Liban

vendredi 15 mai 2015

Logiciel suivi du patrimoine (Les possessions d'une entité)

Dans le cadre du cours SMB215 (année 2015) les auditeurs développent un logiciel de suivi et localisation des biens d'une entitée (ToT : Track of Things) (SdT : Suivi de Truc)

Les biens: ensemble des objets réels ou immatériels possédés.
L'entité: Entreprise, association, collectivité, groupe, etc...

Le développement au moyen de technologie java est réalisé en mode communautaire style projet "Open Source". Le logiciel sera sur github (smb215-15)

Vous trouverez plus d'informations en suivant les liens suivant

Les premières idées du projet :

Liens externes utiles

Autres dépôts

jeudi 11 décembre 2014

Code Camp : Idée de projets de réalisation en J2ee

Idée 1: Gestion des dépenses familiales

connectabilité simple

Fonctionnalités initiales: (idées de départ)

  • L'application permet de saisir les dépense par catégories. 
  • Le responsable de la famille (ou l'utilisateur principal) définie les catégories et les utilisateurs.
  • Les utilisateurs saisissent les dépenses.
  • L'application permet de réaliser des états par catégories de dépense ou des états consolidé de dépenses.

Idée 2: 

mardi 16 septembre 2014

LibrePlanet is coming March 21-22, 2015: Propose a session!

LibrePlanet 2015 is coming! We're excited to announce that next year's conference will be held March 21-22, 2015 in Cambridge, MA. The Free Software Foundation is teaming up with the Student Information Processing Board at MIT once again to bring you a conference you won't want to miss. Our Call for Sessions is open now, and you can also apply to volunteer or exhibit at LibrePlanet 2015. General registration will open in October.
You've got until Sunday, November 2nd, 2014 at 19:59 EST (23:59 UTC) to submit your proposals. We can't wait to see what you come up with!
This year, the theme of LibrePlanet is "Free Software Everywhere." We're looking for talks that touch on the many places and ways that free software is used around the world, as well as ways to make free software ubiquitous. Think "everywhere" in the broadest sense of the word--it's not just geography-based talks we're after. What are some contexts where free software is thriving, and some others where it needs a push? How have you worked to advance free software in your company or community? And what about free software on all of the myriad pieces of hardware we use, including laptops, phones, tablets, and even coffee makers? At LibrePlanet 2015, we're taking software freedom around the world, to outer space, and considering its role in industry, government, academia, community organizing, and personal computing.

Should I submit a session proposal for LibrePlanet?

Yes! We encourage speakers of all experience levels to submit a proposal. LibrePlanet is a great place for new and seasoned speakers alike. While LibrePlanet always includes technical talks, our program also emphasizes non-technical topics and topics that are appropriate for newcomers. We are especially interested to see proposals from people who use free software or apply its values for social benefit, from academic research to community organizing, education to medicine and the arts. LibrePlanet is committed to increasing the participation of speakers belonging to groups traditionally underrepresented at free software conferences, including women and people of color.

Some ideas for sessions

  • Sharing a story of how free software has been applied for social benefit
  • Tackling a threat or organizing challenge facing the free software movement
  • Demonstrating a new and exciting piece of software or development within an existing software project
  • Engaging youth, the future of the free software movement. We're looking for proposals for all age groups, from young children, to high school age, to college students
  • Thinking critically about challenges and opportunities facing the movement, and charting a path to victory
  • Bringing a key part of free software history to life
  • Giving newcomers a way to learn about free software principles and philosophy, and/or giving newcomers a way to start using free software in their daily lives
At LibrePlanet, we are looking for sessions that embrace the free software movement's ideals and also its language. For example, using "free software" is better than using "open source."

Volunteer for LibrePlanet

LibrePlanet depends on volunteer support during the planning process all the way through the event. We're looking for volunteers who want to help us with the planning and preparation work for LibrePlanet. Learn more about volunteering and sign up at

Promotional opportunities at LibrePlanet

LibrePlanet is the perfect place to spread the word about your organization to an inspired and engaged audience. We have two kinds of promotional opportunities for LibrePlanet 2015: exhibit tables and sponsorships. Exhibit tables will be located in a highly visible primary thoroughfare. Your table and program acknowledgement will reach hundreds of software developers, free software activists, academics, students, and computer users. You can apply for an exhibit table at Exhibitors will be accepted on a rolling basis until the hall fills, so apply early!
What makes LibrePlanet so special is the amazing contributions from our speakers, exhibitors, and volunteers. We can't wait to hear your ideas!
Happy hacking,
Libby Reinish
Campaigns Manager

mercredi 10 septembre 2014

Tell the FCC: Net Neutrality is (still) crucial to free software

Dear Pascal,

This post was originally published in July, before the end of the first FCC comment period. Now we're highlighting it again before the end of the second comment period, in support of today's Internet Slowdown day of action. Tons of major Web sites (including ours) are coming together today to give a tongue-in-cheek demonstration of what would happen if the FCC caves to Big Cable and guts Net Neutrality.

If you're in the US, please tell decisionmakers how important Net Neutrality is to the free software community (even if you commented in earlier, it will be counted again). If you're not in the US, you'll still find this post interesting -- there is precedent for other countries basing their rules on what happens here.

We are not linking to the official Internet Slowdown action page because it requires running proprietary JavaScript and heavily encourages Facebook. But we agree with their goals, so we are acting in solidarity by displaying their clever banner (which is free JavaScript) and linking to the Electronic Frontier Foundation's Dear FCC tool, where you can take action in freedom.

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) needs to be convinced that Net Neutrality is worth saving. The agency has asked members of the public, along with industry leaders and entrepreneurs, to tell it why Internet Service Providers should be banned from traffic discrimination. This comment window is one of the best opportunities we've had to make an impact.

Comments are due Monday, September 15, 2014. Submit your statement in support of Net Neutrality right away using the Electronic Frontier Foundation's free software commenting tool.

Net neutrality, the principle that all traffic on the Internet should be treated equally, should be a basic right for Internet users. It's also crucial for free software's continued growth and success. Here's why:

Media distribution giants that use Digital Restrictions Management and proprietary software to control what's on your computer have also been fighting for years to control the network. Without Net Neutrality, DRM-laden materials could be easier to access, while DRM-free competitors could be stuck in the slow lane. Web-based free software projects like GNU MediaGoblin could also suffer the slow treatment while competitors like YouTube shell out big bucks for speedier service. The bottom line--an Internet where the most powerful interests can pay for huge speed advantages could push smaller free software projects right off the map and make it harder for decentralized projects to flourish. That's not good for free software, and it's not good for other innovative voices for change in the digital world.

Tell the FCC: Net Neutrality will help free software flourish.

Activists have worked for years to get to this moment. Over the last several months, things have really heated up--with Internet freedom lovers camping out outside of the FCC, serenading FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler with a special version "Which Side Are You On?" The comments flooding in to the agency have jammed the phones and crashed the FCC's email servers. And yet, Chairman Wheeler still thinks he can get away with ignoring overwhelming public outrage and wrecking the free Internet. We have to keep up our historic momentum in order to convince a cable-industry sympathizer like Chairman Wheeler to listen to the public and protect Net Neutrality.

The deadline for comments is less than a week from now on Monday. Don't delay--comment now!

Libby Reinish
Campaigns Manager

You can read this post online at


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