vendredi 30 novembre 2012

Checkout sub directories in git (sparse checkouts)

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SVN externals is a really nice feature I used a lot. Switching to git I was really missing it. Of course there is git-submodule but it’s not the same. Now, with version 1.7 git supports so called sparse checkouts which allow you to only include specific sub directories of a repository in your project. You still need to clone the whole repository, but afterwards you can tell git to only show the specified sub directories.
Here is how it works:
  1. clone the other repository (in my case, for a Rails app, I did it in vendor/plugins/)
    git clone <repository_url> <directory>
  2. cd to <directory>
    cd <directory>
  3. enable sparsecheckout
    git config core.sparsecheckout true
  4. add directories you want to have in your checkout to .git/info/sparse-checkout, e.g.
    echo app/models/ > .git/info/sparse-checkout
    echo lib/ >> .git/info/sparse-checkout
  5. run read-tree
    git read-tree -m -u HEAD
ls now shows
app lib
Forgot a directory you wanted to include? Just repeat step 4 and 5.

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