samedi 21 juin 2014

Coming soon: Email Self-Defense in Spanish, German, Portuguese, and more

Dear Pascal,

Two weeks ago, we released Email Self-Defense, our beginner's guide to fighting surveillance with free software email encryption. We had an outpouring of support from people who were happy to have a welcoming, accessible guide that also promoted free software and a reduction in the amount of data collected about people in general.

We're excited to announce that volunteers are currently working on translating the guide and infographic into ten languages. Wow! In the meantime, we've also made some general improvements that will launch with the translations.

In the coming weeks, we'll be announcing translations here, on our primary mailing list. If you'd like to receive some of the messages on this list in Spanish or French, you can update your language preferences.

We try to give our translators an opportunity to work in teams and review each others' work, but there are some brave volunteers currently translating alone. Send an email as soon as possible to if you are fluent in Brazilian Portuguese, Romanian, Japanese, Malayalam, or Turkish and would like to help them.

Zak Rogoff
Campaigns Manager

P.S. A US Supreme Court ruling made yesterday an important day for the fight against software patents. Check out our press release: US Supreme Court makes the right decision to nix Alice Corp. patent, but more work needed to end software patents for good.

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