jeudi 31 mars 2016

Lebanese Java Users Group, new updates

A Lebanese Java Users Group updates...

First time git config

The first thing you should do when you install Git is to set your user name and email address. This is important because every Git commit uses this information, and it’s immutably baked into the commits you start creating:
$ git config --global "Pascal E Fares"
$ git config --global
You need to do this only once if you pass the --global option, because then Git will always use that information for anything you do on that system. If you want to override this with a different name or email address for specific projects, you can run the command without the --global option when you’re in that project.

mercredi 30 mars 2016

Testing to Start for Computer With Chips Inspired by the Human Brain

The Wall Street Journal (03/28/16) Robert McMillan 

The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) on Thursday will begin testing a $1-million computer packed with 16 IBM TrueNorth microprocessors designed to mimic the functions of the human brain. Bundled into each TrueNorth chip are 5.4 billion transistors comprising a network of 1 million simulated neurons connected by a massive web of synapses. "TrueNorth is useful for deep-learning applications and for a broader class of machine-learning applications as well," says LLNL researcher Brian Van Essen. TrueNorth emulates the brain's low power consumption, with the 16 chips using only 2.5 watts together versus a typical server chip's power requirements of up to 150 watts. Van Essen's team will test TrueNorth by uploading some supercomputing tasks to it. Van Essen expects the system to help the lab filter out potential glitches in simulations of phenomena such as subatomic particle interactions and identify patterns in cybersecurity and video surveillance. "It's great that they're [testing TrueNorth]," says University of Washington professor Luis Ceze. "It's very efficient, but they have to show that the accuracy of the models that they implement [is] good enough."

samedi 12 mars 2016

How To Secure MySQL Replication Using SSH ....

Configuring MySQL replication leaves port 3306 open to the Internet and data between the replication servers is not encrypted. Using SSH tunneling MySQL replication data can be transferred through the SSH connection...

lundi 7 mars 2016