mercredi 2 octobre 2013

Android Fingerprint Sensors 6 Months Away

USA Today (10/01/13) Byron Acohido 

The FIDO Alliance, a group of 48 tech companies led by PayPal and Lenovo, is aggressively pushing a new standard of biometric identification for consumer access to mobile payments and other services. FIDO Alliance president Michael Barrett anticipates the rollout of Android models with FIDO-compliant biometric fingerprint sensors in six months. FIDO is designed to reduce, if not completely eliminate, the use of passwords to access accounts on mobile devices. Although the Touch ID fingerprint sensor included in Apple's latest iPhone is not FIDO-compliant, Barrett says it is a simple matter to adapt the technology to his group's standard. In the meantime, he is working to convince other hardware manufacturers and online companies to agree on common rules for enabling consumers to use their computing devices more centrally in the authentication process. "We make tradeoffs to balance security with convenience," notes RSA's Manoj Nair. "The next generation of identity protection will allow us to be more convenient and secure at the same time."

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